Videos Of People Celebrating Trump’s Loss Look A Lot Like The Ending Of A Certain ‘Star Wars’ Movie

After four days of waiting, the record breaking number of votes in the 2020 presidential election have been counted, and the news, for once, is good: Early Saturday, a number of publications finally called it for Joe Biden. After four stressful, nightmarish years of Trump, people were quick to take to the streets in celebration. (Though few were as infectious in their joy as Spike Lee.) Social media was filled with videos of the revelry, and a lot of people said it reminded them of the ending to a certain classic blockbuster.

That film is Return of the Jedi, the world’s third-ever Star Wars film and the sixth in the nine-part “Skywalker Saga.” That film, as you probably well know, ends with the evil Galactic Empire crushed by the Rebel Alliance, its leader deposed or dead. Of course, a few decades after the film, released in 1983, we learned the bad guys made a comeback. But forget that: Jedi ends with the galaxy’s many planets and species celebrating, much as people across the country did on Saturday.

Some people went a step further, pointing out we’ve been living in the original Star Wars trilogy for a while now.

Now to split some hairs: Return of the Jedi didn’t always conclude with a global celebration. It was the Special Edition, released in 1997, that added that. Originally the rave was more localized; we only saw how they partied on Endor. What’s more, the Special Edition cruelly removed the incredibly catchy Ewok song known as “Yub Nub,” replacing it with some New Age Yanni-/John Tesh-style instrumental. One person who caught the Jedi connection made sure to get the right one: