Mike Lindell Thinks Voting Machines Should Be Melted Down And Trump Thinks That’s A ‘Very Good Idea’

On Tuesday, just over three months after the date on which he claimed Trump would be reinstated in office (he wasn’t), Mike Lindell aired his pre-recorded interview with his favorite former president, whom he’s spent the last year claiming was a victim of byzantine — and almost certainly nonexistent — voter fraud. It was originally supposed to air as part of some marathon Thanksgiving broadcast of conspiracy theory nonsense, but he evidently decided to bump it up a week. And though there weren’t too many breakout (read: bonkers) moments, there was that part where Trump agreed with Lindell’s strange suggestion that voting machines should be melted.

The sit-down found Trump without his trademark too-long red tie, instead clad in an ill-fitted and, given the silliness they spoke, inexplicable tuxedo. Lindell peppered the ex-president with fulsome praise, then the two discussed the voter fraud allegations that have resulted in the interviewer hit with a $1.3 billion lawsuit.

Lindell berated “anyone who moves on” from the 2020 election, which to him is tantamount to “saying that you’re OK” with the established fact that current president Joe Biden won by over seven million votes. He then added a possible suggestion to future elections.

“I have said we’re going to melt down machines and use them into prison bars,” Lindell told Trump.

Trump was hardly against the idea, calling it “very interesting” and concluding that it was “a very good idea.”

The failed blogger and sometime Mar-a-Lago wedding toaster then railed against his former vice president, whose potential murderers he recently defended. “It was very sad when Mike Pence gave those votes over. When you have more votes than there are voters, when you have other things that are so wrong, and that was then,” Trump said. “Since then, many other things have happened!”

They sure have. Except that, over a year after the election was called for Biden, a great deal of Americans have moved on. Meanwhile Trump, his cohorts, and his die-hard supporters continue to spin the same wheels, over and over, perhaps for the rest of time.

(Via The Daily Beast)