A New Poll Finds Trump Getting Absolutely Obliterated By Ron DeSantis, Who Isn’t Even Running Yet

The 2024 election is still a good ways away, but the GOP already has two candidates: Donald Trump and Kanye West. Already neither campaign is going well. Ye outed himself as a fan of Hitler. Trump, meanwhile, is under fire for having dinner with [checks notes] Kanye West, as well as Holocaust denying white supremacist Nick Fuentes. The former president is having trouble raising money, which is especially not great considering his other legal/financial woes. To make matters worse, a new poll has him getting decimated by a noted frenemy.

As per Mediaite, a new poll about the 2024 election shows GOP voters in Florida greatly favoring their governor over their most famous president. The poll was held by the GOP firm Ragnar Research Partners, and it shows that 86% of the state’s Republicans have a “favorable impression” of DeSantis. What’s more 79% of them have a “very favorable impression.”

How did Trump do?

In contrast, Trump’s “very favorable” rating is 48 percent in the poll. With 70 percent approving of him overall and 26 percent disapproving, Trump’s total net favorable rating is 44 points — 32 points lower than DeSantis among Republicans.

There’s more bad news for Trump:

The survey also found that, by 41-37 percent, more considered themselves Trump voters than traditional Republicans. Yet DeSantis marginally edged Trump with this subsection of voters, too, with a 95-point net approval rating compared to Trump’s 91 points.

So things aren’t going great for the big guy, who could really use a win these days.

(Via Mediaite)