People On Twitter Lost It When Trump Said American Troops Seized ‘Airports’ During The Revolutionary War

07.05.19 2 weeks ago

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July 4 in 2019 featured the usual fireworks displays that set fields on fire and, if you prefer to avoid family barbeques, a great chance to stream all of Stranger Things 3. But it also came with a big moment for Donald Trump, who literally rolled tanks into Washington DC for a military spectacular.

That ticketed event also came with a speech from Trump, which of course included the riffing that he loves to do so much. No matter how scripted a speech is, even one about the soldiers of the American Revolution, there is always something completely inaccurate that will be said. And Trump didn’t disappoint on Thursday, claiming somehow that American troops controlled the skies and took back “airports” during the a war that started in 1775.

Trump, reading off a teleprompter, clearly got confused about whatever it was written there for him to say, claiming that airports existed well before the invention of, well, aviation.

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