Trump Is So Mad At Nikki Haley And Vivek Ramaswamy That He Actually Said Something Nice (Sort Of) About Ron DeSantis

Does Donald Trump ever stay permanently mad at anyone? Not really. The former president may be petty, but he also has zero scruples. For instance, he’s currently going after fellow GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, despite the pharma bro being a total kiss-up he’s even praised him recently. But he’ll probably let him back in his good graces when he thinks he can do something good for him. That’s how he rolls. Another example: He finally said something nice (sort of) about longtime nemesis Ron DeSantis.

Per Mediaite, the former president, who’s duking it out with people doing far worse than him in the polls for the Iowa caucuses, railed against who he sees as his biggest enemies, namely Ramaswamy and his former employee Nikki Haley. He’s so mad at them that, in one of his deranged Truth Social post, he threw some light praise the Florida governor’s way.

“Nikki Haley can never win in the General Election because she doesn’t have MAGA, and never will! Ron DeSanctimonious, at least, is MAGA-Lite,” he wrote.

He then wrote some fairly bone-chilling words about his grip on the formerly not entirely insane Republican party:

“Remember, I think MAGA is almost ALL of the Republican Party. The days of the RINOS and non-AMERICA FIRST candidates are OVER! Nikki is a Globalist RINO, backed by American’s for Chinese Growth, the Charles Koch con job. It’s not going to happen for her, or DeSanctimonious! Vivek Votes are wasted, should come to “TRUMP.” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

Trump and DeSantis used to be buds, but ever since the governor threatened to become the GOP’s great, very white new hope, Trump has singled him out for abuse. He never quite found the write mean name for him, though, forsaking the far funnier one he swears he didn’t come up with nor will ever use.

Alas, DeSantis’ polling has never come close to overtaking him. Haley’s, though, has. She’s now in second place, and nipping at Trump’s heels, which is probably why Trump has turned his anger towards her and away from Meatball Ron. But for DeSantis, maybe it’s not a good omen that Trump is no longer mad at him. That might just mean Trump no longer sees him as a threat, which might be the real sign that his campaign is truly and finally kaput.

(Via Mediaite)