Trump Is Apparently Freaking Out That Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Secretly Hates Him

Donald Trump’s paranoia is really getting the best of him this week.

According to a new report from Rolling Stone, the twice-impeached former president is starting to suspect his closest allies at Fox News are turning on him and favoring his Republican opponent, Florida Governor Ron. DeSantis, in the next primary race. Though no official announcement has been made, plenty within the party expect both men to run during the Republican Primary and getting that nomination relies largely on how favored a candidate is by conservative America’s favorite network. According to insiders, Trump has started placing his former friends at Fox News in specific camps. Those who give him more airtime and positive press are in the “for Trump” group while those who don’t are labeled as being “against Trump.”

“In private discussions, Trump has cataloged which major on-air personalities, hosts, and shows he views as steadfastly all-in ‘for Trump,’ which ones he sees as possibly defecting, and which he deems ‘against Trump,'” the article reads. “For instance, Trump views Sean Hannity as firmly in his column and has expressed some doubt about which camp Laura Ingraham might end up in come 2024.”

Ingraham has been vocal about her doubts when it comes to a Trump 2024 run and whether she’d support the former president should he try for the White House again. But, she’s not the only Fox News personality Trump is worried about. Earlier this week, Trump took to his failing social media platform Truth Social to rant about Fox & Friends hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Ainsley Earhardt after they pushed back on some of his more positive polling numbers by suggesting that DeSantis was still beating him in the race leading up to the Republican Primary.

This all comes as the Jan. 6th Committee continues to uncover more damning evidence against Trump and his administration regarding how the former president handled the insurrection he helped instigate. Still, knowing Trump, having Fox News turn on him probably hurts worse than hearing Ivanka’s deposition confirming she knew her father was a loser this whole time.

(Via Mediaite)