Trump Could See His New York Business Kerfuffle At Least Partially Saved By, Of All People, Melania

Is Donald Trump done in New York? Possibly. Last week a state judge found the former president, his two eldest sons, and others in the Trump Organization guilty of fraud. The looming trial, brought on by state district attorney Letitia James, will likely merely be a formality to determine damage to the plaintiffs. That could mean an end to decades-old family real estate business started by his notorious father. But Trump may have an improbable ace up his sleeve: his loving (?) wife.
Per Newsweek, legal experts have floated a back-up plan that could keep Trump tentatively in his hometown. New York University law professor Michael Kahan told The Washington Post that while Trump will “almost certainly” sell of his properties, he could also “have a company that is owned by Ivanka, or other members of his family. They are not subject to this order.”

Anti-Trump Republican Ron Filipkowski had another idea. “Look, Trump can just transfer all his properties and businesses in NY to Melania. Problem solved,” he posted on X/Twitter. “I’m sure he can trust her because she really loves him unconditionally.”

Therein lies the possible rub. Newsweek argued that Melania may be looking to separate herself from her husband in one way or another:

This week, Page Six reported that Melania renegotiated her prenuptial agreement with Donald as he and his presidential campaign move closer to the 2024 election and that a trust for their shared son Barron and property are among top items for the former first lady. Those reports also come as Trump is embattled in a number of costly legal fights against his four indictments, the defamation case he lost to columnist E. Jean Carroll and his recent defeat in the Trump Organization civil case.

As for Ivanka, it’s possible she’s in the midst of flipping on her dad to save her hide. Should she be called to testify, the fact that she’s Trump’s daughter — who he looks very, very much — won’t stop his lawyers from eviscerating her on the stand. But hey, it’s been argued from those close to Trump that he’d happily throw his kids under the bus to stave off his comeuppance.

(Via Newsweek)