Trump’s Awkward Struggle With His Own Speakerphone Has Inspired Jokes And Memes

On Monday afternoon, perhaps in an attempt to take some of the heat away from the criticism of how he handled the passing of Senator John McCain, President Donald Trump invited the media into the Oval Office for a call between himself and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to announce a new trade deal between the United States and Mexico. Unfortunately, like many of Trump’s attempts to take control of the narrative — this too, was bungled by his own incompetence.

This time, it was a pesky speakerphone that was the president’s undoing.

“I believe the president is on the phone,” he told reporters. He was not!

“Enrique?” Trump continued, pushing another button on the phone and then awkwardly glancing at all of the television cameras that were broadcasting live. “You can hook him up … You tell me when,” Trump continued. “Hello?”

After what felt like eons, an aide finally stepped in to help grandpa with the phone. At that point however, the blooper had already overshadowed Trump’s big announcement. Especially when documentary filmmaker Arlen Parsa gave the moment the Veep closing credits treatment.

Which was given the seal of approval from Julia Louis-Dreyfus…

Others also got in on the action with memes and jokes:

And as it turns out, it also works quite well with the Curb Your Enthusiasm closing credits:

And finally, a sentiment many Americans can get behind:

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