Twitter Will Not Be Welcoming Trump Back To Their Platform, And In Fact, They’re Flourishing Without Him

As the Facebook Oversight Board commission prepared to announce its decision on whether or not Donald Trump can return to the social media platform (UPDATE: The commission has decided that Trump will remain banned), Twitter CFO Ned Segal made it clear that Trump will remain permanently banned regardless of what Facebook decided. While talking to Yahoo! Finance Live on Tuesday, Segal affirmed that there have been no changes to their decision to keep Trump off of his platform of choice where his tweets routinely wreaked havoc several times a day, including his incitement of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building. Via Mediaite:

“When you step back and think about our policies, we want to work hard to be consistent, to be transparent so people know exactly what to expect from us. We don’t have an oversight board like that. Our team is accountable for the decisions that we make,” Segal continued, and reiterated that “There is no changes to anything we have talked about in the past.”

Of course, keeping Trump banned has become an even easier decision for Twitter. With the former president gone, the social media platform saw it’s revenue jump 28% in the first quarter, which was almost entirely Trump-free. According to The New York Times, “The company saw a 20 percent jump in daily active users who see ads, to 199 million. It also added new advertising formats, leading to a 32 percent increase in ad revenue in the quarter.”

Predictably, Trump has said that he doesn’t even miss Twitter, and now calls the platform “very boring” after being one of its most habitual power users for the better part of a decade. He’s now resorted to blogging to pass the time.

(Via Mediaite)