A New York Judge Blew Off Trump’s Request For A Trial Delay With A Mere Nine Words

Across all his indictments and lawsuits, Donald Trump has always maintained his innocence. Surely he’d want the public to know irrefutable proof of that, so that he can move on with his life. So why is he always trying to delay or gum up the works of his many trials? Surely it’s not because he’s actually guilty, right? Anyway, his latest attempt to sabotage his potential legal comeuppance has come to naught.

As per The Daily Beast, Trump’s legal team predictably tried to delay the upcoming trial involving New York District Attorney Letitia James, which is set to begin in early October. In case you can’t keep all the former president’s legal woes straight, that’s the one alleging the Trump Organization partook in bank and tax fraud. Alas, Justice Arthur F. Engoron wasn’t buying it. And he didn’t even need many words to explain why not.

“Decline to sign; Defendants’ arguments are completely without merit,” Engoron wrote at the bottom of the draft order Trump’s lawyers implored him to sign.

While the lawsuit, which was announced nearly a year ago, hasn’t made news much lately — not when Trump has racked up four (4) criminal indictments — it’s a biggie. James and her office are seeking $250 million in penalties, plus another $20,000 in sanctions due to Trump’s lawyers have repeatedly tried to destroy the case with “previously-rejected arguments.” It would severely hobble Trump and his business financially, but so far it appears his usual move — to delay, delay, delay — ain’t working.

(Via The Daily Beast)