Trump Wore An ‘I Love Trucks’ Button, Pretended To Drive A Big Rig, And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

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Despite a failed meeting with the House Freedom Caucus to revive a subsequently postponed American Health Care Act vote, a planned Democratic filibuster against Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch‘s nomination, and a weird Time interview, Donald Trump’s Thursday improved drastically. Why? Because, while wearing an “I Love Trucks” button and later sitting in a big rig in front of the White House, America’s big boy got to play with some trucks. And if you couldn’t tell with the previous sentence’s tone, the Internet mocked the president mercilessly for it.

First, consider the suspect button:

While meeting with officials from the trucking industry, the president donned a button (as did everyone else at the table) with “I,” “❤️” and “TRUCKS” written in all caps. Needless to say, Twitter jumped at the chance to roast Trump for it:

The button, and Twitter’s inevitable criticism, was enough to distract everyone online from the rather serious happenings concerning the postponed Trumpcare vote. Yet simply wearing a supportive bit of flare wasn’t enough for the president, who then went outside for a photo op with a rather big rig, its driver and the press. He even got in the thing:

Cue the obvious reactions to Trump’s living out his dream of being Patrick Swayze in Black Dog: