Donald Trump Is Begging Chris Christie To ‘DROP OUT OF THE RACE,’ And Definitely Not Because He’s Scared Of Him

When Chris Christie entered the 2024 presidential race, he made it clear that he had one main goal: to take out his old pal Donald Trump. The former New Jersey governor has hammered at the former president early and often. The taunts might have even been why Trump skipped the GOP debate last week (where Christie laid into Vivek Ramaswamy instead). And it may be why Trump is all but begging Christie to drop out of the race entirely.

On Tuesday Christie appeared on Fox News, where host John Roberts asked him if he thought Judge Tanya Chutkan had scheduled his Jan. 6 trial right before March Madness to intentionally “interfere with the primary process.” Christie knew how to spin that one into a Trump attack.

“What interferes with the primary process is Donald Trump’s conduct and his insistence on continuing to run for president of the United States despite the fact he’s been indicted in four different jurisdictions and he’s out on bail in four different jurisdictions in this country,” Christie replied. “Whether you believe the charges are just or not, they are here.”

Trump didn’t like that one one bit, as he made clear on Truth Social:

Sloppy Chris Christie, who was rated the Worst Governor in the History of New Jersey, had the lowest approval rating, 8%, had 11 straight downgrades of New Jersey Bonds, a record, was thrown out of New Hampshire after his last debate, and endlessly suffered from the horrible and never ending Bridgegate scandal, SHOULD DROP OUT OF THE RACE. HE IS GOING NOWHERE AND IS VERY BAD FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

In a separate post, Trump also bragged about his polls, though he didn’t mention the one where his support dropped over the last 10 days.

Trump has another new reason to dislike Christie: He became the first GOP candidate to use Trump’s mugshot in one of his ads, and not in a supportive way.

(Via Mediaite)