Joe Scarborough Has A Hunch That Trump Is Secretly ‘Scared To Death’ Of Debating One GOP Candidate

With the first Republican debate coming up soon on Fox News, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough shot down any predictions that Donald Trump will somehow make a surprise appearance after months of saying he won’t attend. More specifically, Scarborough is convinced that Trump is terrified of having to face one particular candidate who’s been ruthlessly hammering him in the press: Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

“I think he’s scared to death of Chris Christie and will not have the guts to go or the nerve to go on stage with Chris Christie anywhere,” Scarborough said after running down the reasons (including one involving Jared Kushner) why Trump knows he’s toast if he shows up to the Fox News debate.

Via Raw Story:

“I do think he’s scared of Chris Christie,” Scarborough said. “He saw what Chris Christie did to Marco Rubio when Chris Christie went into a debate with one thing in mind. He knows Chris Christie put Jared Kushner’s father in jail for a very long time. He knows he’s a prosecutor who’s ruthless and knows how to push his case.”

Scarborough then hammered Trump for his schtick being old news, and he needled the former president for knowing he’s lost the element of surprise.

“He also knows that his secret sauce in 2016 was being the disrupter, right, shaking Hillary Clinton up on the debate stage, shaking everybody else up on the debate stage,” Scarborough said. “That gig is like eight years old, right? That’s Elvis in ’77 now, and I think Chris Christie’s got his number, and he knows, hey, Donald Trump has a gut instinct, his political gut instinct is second to none, like, he sees it coming.”

(Via Raw Story)