People Are Placing Bets On Trump’s Weight When He’s Arraigned In Georgia

Next week the world’s most famous McDonald’s customer will be arraigned for a fourth time. This one, though, will be a bit different. The sheriff’s office in Fulton County, Georgia has vowed to not give Donald Trump celebrity treatment, promising the world the first mugshot of a former American president. That might not happen, but we might still get one thing: his official weight. And that’s inspired some gamblers to place bets.

As per The Daily Mail, bookie sites have been taking bets on how much the guy weighs. During his first arraignment in Manhattan this spring, Trump claimed he weighed 244 — more or less consistent with what White House physician Sean P. Conley had been saying before he was voted out of office.

Bookie sites aren’t buying that line. For instance, BetOnline is offering an over/under on 273.5 pounds — far over what Trump has alleged. According to one of the service’s employees, a whopping 77 percent of gamblers have bet on this one.

Even the anti-Trump Republicans at The Lincoln Project have gotten in on the act, offering a free coffee mug to those who correctly guess Trump’s weight.

The news comes after Trump complained about Fox News using the “worst pictures” of him, which made him look “big” and “orange,” with his “chin pulled all the way back.” This surely won’t help his ego either.

Trump’s weight isn’t the only thing about his arraignment that has seized gamblers’ attention. Other bets include whether he’ll smile or not in his mugshot, what color tie he’ll wear (or if he even wears a tie), and if he’ll wear a MAGA hat.

Trump and the other 18 defendants in the case — which involves alleged election interference in Georgia in 2020 — have until noon next Friday to turn themselves in. Should Trump not be released on bail — and his social media antics around the case would have landed anybody else in the slammer — he’s not going to find himself in a nice, white collar prison.

(Via The Daily Mail)