Trump Threw A Big Ol’ Hissy Fit Because His Legal Woes Are Keeping Him From Golfing Abroad

There are few things Donald Trump loves more than sowing chaos, but another of his passions is more mundane (and moneyed): The man loves to golf. Over the weekend the former president was so stoked to win a tournament at one of his clubs that he bragged about it — while swearing that he didn’t cheat. But not all is sunny when it comes to Trump’s favorite sport.

As caught by Raw Story, Trump took to his rinky dink Twitter clone to announce that he can’t attend another tournament overseas because he has to stay in America and fend off his many legal woes.

“I have the Staysure Senior PGA Championship in Aberdeen, Scotland, on my great course, and I can’t go. I have to stay around and fight off the Crazed Radical Left Lunatics, Communists, Marxists, and Fascists,” Trump wrote. Those weren’t the only mean names Trump hurled at his enemies. “I wouldn’t want to be in Europe and watch this COUNTRY DESTROYING Scum work their disgusting and illegal ‘magic’ on unsuspecting Republican ‘leaders’ who just don’t think it is appropriate to Fight Fire With Fire. BUT WE WILL WIN. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

The post comes mere days after Trump became the first American president to score a mugshot, after being arraigned a fourth time — another POTUS first. He’s also out on bail, having been charged with various counts of election interference in Georgia, to say nothing of his three other indictments. Perhaps he can take some solace in all the millions he’s nabbed in the last few days from his sometimes cash-strapped supporters.

(Via Raw Story)