Tucker Carlson’s Advice To Young Bros: Drop Out Of School, Get Married ASAP, And Bang Out A Bunch Of Kids Because Reproduction Is ‘The Highest Level Of Achievement’

Tucker Carlson thinks sex comes too easy for young boys these days and they should just drop out of school, get married, and have as many children as they possibly can, even if they can’t afford it. Yeah, that sounds like great advice.

In a bizarre interview with a college-aged kid who hosts his own Youtube show titled “Piece of Schmidt,” (we couldn’t make this up even if we tried) the Fox News personality went on a rambling tirade about how young men are afraid of commitment and why feminism is partly to blame. Carlson advised the host to ditch college — unless, you know, he wants to be a doctor or something — and to get married young because creating tiny human replicas of yourself is the “highest level of achievement there is.” He then suggested that young men should get married early to a partner they haven’t thought too long and hard about.

“Choose wisely, but don’t overthink it,” Carlson said. “People overthink it. If you’re compatible with someone and you can smell that, you can make it work. By the way, it’s never easy because men and women don’t fundamentally understand each other. That’s the whole point in it. That’s why marriage makes you grow; it’s because you’d really understand the other person, so you have to try every day to decipher what they’re saying. Have more children than you can afford. Take a job you’re not qualified for. Like, go balls out!”

Yes, please bring more children into this world without a stable job, a financial foundation, or a life partner you actually like. What could possibly go wrong?

After dispensing even more disturbing criteria on what Carlson tells his own Fox News co-workers when they’re debating getting married — something about how a woman should cry when a man gets into a verbal argument with her instead of, you know, yelling back — the 50-something man-child then lectured young people on having too much sex.

“It’s not even that fun,” Carlson mused between fits of hyena-like laughter. “For men anyway, it’s all in the chase, and men are, like, programmed to wanna hunt down and wanna pursue women, of course.”

Right, yes, love to hear about how one subset of humanity is “programmed to hunt” the other. Totally normal way of viewing women, my dude.

“But that’s the pleasure,” Carlson continued. “Having sex with strangers is never that fun. Let’s just stop lying about it, and you’re too drunk anyway…First of all, it’s super easy, so that’s not an achievement at all because feminism has convinced women they have to be like men, so they have to sleep with you or whatever. It’s all so unbelievably f*cked up, it’s hard to believe it’s actually real, but it is. Anyway, it’s all fake.”

Again, Carlson is right on the money. Feminism’s main goal is actually to destroy the nuclear American family by trapping men into having unfulfilling sex with random strangers. Feminism being about men? Why didn’t we see it before?

In all seriousness, the entire 40-something-minute chat is downright deranged. We’d like to say we’re surprised that an underachieving white male this chemically unbalanced has been gifted a national platform on a TV network but, it’s 2022. Nothing surprises us these days.

Watch the full video below:

(Via Mediaite)