Tucker Carlson Is Getting Dragged For Claiming He Can’t Find Evidence Of QAnon’s Wacky Conspiracy Theories Anywhere Online

Ever since the failed MAGA coup of January 6, the GOP has had a decision to make: Is it the party of Donald Trump and QAnon, peddling conspiracy theories and known lies, or is it what it used to be, which is…well, not quite that. While Senate Minority Leader has signaled he wishes to return to the before-time, new lawmakers like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert want to take it in new and dangerous directions. On his Tuesday Fox News show, Tucker Carlson seemed to try to thread the needle between the two only to leave people wondering if he was playing dumb or if he actually was dumb.

Carlson spent a segment trying to disprove the existence of QAnon, the fanciful theory that has poisoned many a mind, including Marjorie Taylor Greene’s. He detailed how he and his staff spent a day — a whole day — cruising the information superhighway, attempting to find something whose online existence is pretty well-documented. And yet they couldn’t find squat.

“It’s worth finding out where the public is getting all this false information — this ‘disinformation,’ as we’ll call it,” Carlson had the stones to say. But he and his staff found nary a QAnon. “We checked! We spent all day trying to locate the famous QAnon, which in the end we learned is not even a website. If it’s out there we could not find it. Then we checked Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter feed, because we have heard she traffics in disinformation, as CNN told us. But there’s nothing there.”

One could say Carlson wasn’t fooling anybody, but people were genuinely confused if he was being fake-dumb or sincerely stupid. Some went with fake-dumb.

Others sincerely stupid.

Some thought it was just BS.

His viewers, incidentally, may not agree with him on this point.

But some claimed Carlson simply has contempt for them.

Whatever the case, if he was trying to find QAnon, he wasn’t looking hard enough.

In fact, he could have simply checked his own network’s website.

Some suggested he pretend he can’t find another group.