Tucker Carlson Returned To The Air To Welcome Marjorie Taylor Greene For A Kooky Discussion On ‘Patriot Hunting Season’

Tucker Carlson returned to the Fox News airwaves after his leaked rant and surprise surgery last week, and things appeared to be (warped) business as usual. The host attempted to mock Pete Buttigieg, and he welcomed QAnon cheerleader Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has suddenly decided that she will fight for “real prison reform.” She took up this task after visiting Jan. 6 rioters in jail and subsequently claiming to find common ground between the GOP and Islam, and if all of that wasn’t nutty enough, consider that Tucker’s Patriot Purge “docuseries” claims that the insurrection was somehow a “false flag” that was staged by the U.S. government.

The false-flag claim runs counter to those “patriots” actions in attacking the U.S. Capitol, but common sense is not Tucker’s favorite thing to highlight. Rather, he decided to invite Greene on the show, and she alleged that it’s “patriot hunting season” on behalf of the U.S. government.

She ranted about how unfair it is that BLM protestors aren’t sitting in jail while the insurrectionists languish while awaiting trial. She detailed how upset she is after visiting the D.C. jail (where, she admits, “some of them did get involved in a riot”). She’s also upset that unvaccinated “patriots” aren’t allowed to mingle with other prisoners and go to chapel. “Even in jail, unvaccinated people are treated like 2nd-class citizens.”

Mediaite reveals that the pair also bashed Liz Cheney, who has pushed back at Tucker (without mentioning Tucker) over his false-flag nonsense:

Rep. Liz Cheney was another character that kept featuring in the interview, but not in person. She was openly derided by both Carlson and Taylor Greene, as she is sitting on the House Select Committee investigating the events of January 6th and has called out the “false flag” allegations presented in Tucker Carlsons Original series Patriot Purge, the trailer of which was received with great controversy due to its conspiratorial presentation.

Carlson played a clip of Cheney saying “And to call it a false flag operation, to spread those kinds of lies, is very dangerous,” then followed with “so the weapons of mass destruction lady is accusing other people of lying, got it.” He then cynically mimicked what he thought to be Cheney’s position, saying “We’ve got to get to the bottom of it, but how dare you ask questions about it because that’s un-American.”

With Marjorie Taylor Greene admitting that these “patriots” did in fact “riot,” it’s hard to comprehend how Tucker is trying to pull off the false-flag absurdity, too. That’s a lot of mental gymnastics.

(Via Mediaite)