Twitter Finally Stopped Cropping Tall Images And People Are Stoked (Though Also Sad About The End Of ‘Open For A Surprise’ Jokes)

Twitter’s doing pretty well these days. A certain rage-tweeting former president hasn’t been on there in nearly four months, and there’s no plans on welcoming him back. What’s more, it’s been doing great without him, with user activity, even ad revenue actually increasing since he’s been gone. And on Wednesday, they rolled out another perk: They finally got rid of image cropping.

For too long — ever since they started allowing images, back in 2010 — pictures that weren’t horizontal were cropped in one’s feed. No more. As per The Verge, the social media giant is rolling out an end to that practice. What that means is, if someone posts a particularly tall image — of a tall building, or a tall person, or any picture that has more height than width — it won’t be automatically (and sometimes questionably) cropped to fit some arbitrary idea of how tweets should be shaped.

Mind you, not all users will experience the new lack of cropping. It should already work in the Twitter app, but perhaps not yet if you’re tweeting on your desktop or laptop.

When the news hit, people celebrated by, of course, tweeting.

Others celebrated by making jokes, seeing how tall they could go without getting cropped.

Though not everyone was jubilant. The end of cropping also meant the end of a popular Twitter joke: the old “open for a surprise” gag.

As with any bit of progress, you take the good with the bad, the upsides and the inevitable downsides. Such is life.

(Via The Verge)