People Are Raging About A Family Having To DIY Vital Medical Equipment For Their Toddler

Entertainment Editor

Something seems to be fundamentally broken about the American healthcare system. My other job is in a drugstore, where we routinely field questions from patients attempting to superglue their own wounds shut instead of getting stitches or trying to figure out how many fish tank antibiotic capsules to take for an infection. When people glue their own wounds or build their child’s walker out of PVC pipe because navigating insurance reimbursement is too Sisyphean a task, the situation is dire. Most folks would agree with that.

And then there’s FOX 5 DC. The local news station’s Twitter account tried to spin a tragic glimpse at our grave healthcare situation as a heartwarming story about a plucky family being helped by a benevolent corporation. “THIS IS AWESOME!” They said, contrary to all logic, about the following situation: “Two-year-old Logan Moore needs a walker to get around but his family didn’t know if insurance would cover for one, so his local Home Depot found parts to make it themselves.”

The fact any parents would doubt for even a moment that basic medical equipment for a toddler would be covered by insurance is decidedly not “awesome”, and people let FOX 5 DC know it:

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