Two Fiery New Captain America Clips

Captain America: The First Avenger opened today and we have a couple more clips with even more fire than the Hydra base and killing Red Skull’s faceless minions along the way. (Crashes! Explosions! Vroom noises! America, f-ck yeah!)  The second is Cap showing off his skills at long jumping over a completely smokeless fire devoid of any radiant heat.

It’s also worth checking out Vince’s alcohol-influenced review of the film. (Alcohol-influenced writings about film? At FilmDrunk? Sacré bleu!)  Vince provides this rundown on the first time Doctor Stanley Tucci and scrawny Chris Evans meet:

“Do you want to kill Nazis?” the Doc asks. “No,” Rogers says. “I just hate bullies. Wherever they’re from.”

“Trust me, kid, it gets better,” says Dr. Tucci, humming the chorus of “Born This Way.” “In fact, I’m gonna fill you so full of decca and dianabol you’ll be tearing the arms off bullies like crickets, and moistening every pair of slut panties from here to Poughkeepsie.  Would you like that, Rogers? Pulling arms off bullies, moistening panties off sluts?”

“I’d… I’d like that, sir.” says Steve. “It would… be an honor.” [FilmDrunk]

I’m going to assume that’s a direct quote.  It just feels right.

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The second clip doesn’t embed, so you can watch it at YouTube or HuffPo.

Spoiler alert: the MacGuffin turned out to be a Rubik’s Cube.