These Trippy Turkish Star Wars Figures Are The Black Light Poster Of Bootleg Toys

*doot doot doot* Doing important control room things.

Back in the late 1980s, bootleg Star Wars figures called “Uzay” were being sold in Turkey. These unlicensed figures are now sought after by some collectors for their rarity (some of the figures, like the cryptic “Head Man”, may be one-of-a-kind) and for their trippy and silly blister card art. Finding a Uzay figure still in its packaging is made even more difficult by the brittle and cheap plastic bubbles used; a slight bump can break it open.
The best part of these figures is that aforementioned package art. These Turkish figures have poorly translated names (“Stormtoper”, “Stormtroper”, and “See-Threep”) and the scenes depicted on the package are often psychedelic or hilariously low budget. The Imperial Gunner’s control panel is a calculator. The “Blue Stars” appear to be chilling in some orange sherbert. The “Stormtroper” appears to be having quite an acid trip. One of the two versions of Chewbacca is just hanging out with a gourd, as Wookiees do.
The Star Wars Collectors’ Archive has a gallery of these Uzay figures collected by Joseph Yglesias. We’ve added some of our favorites below (with some bonus photos), and you can view more information on them at the SWCA. Thanks to TDW for the assist.

Wait, no, this is from something else.

This is also not a Uzay toy. I just want you to be aware this photoshop exists.