Vans’ ‘Toy Story’ Collection Is Cranking Internet Nostalgia Levels To Eleven

We’ve been able to digest and sip our recent cravings for nostalgia, but there hasn’t been an opportunity for those to show off their love of the 1990s and to prove that “yes, I did grow up in the ’90s.” Thankfully for all those nostalgia nuts out there, Vans will be releasing a line of shoes inspired by the Pixar classic Toy Story.

Before people start handing over their paychecks to rock some Toy Story swag, consumers should know all the options they have available. The footwear collection will include classic Vans shoe styles emblazoned with designs inspired by the first Toy Story film. So, for those that have spent hours arguing that the sequel is better than the original, they are out of luck. Characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Bo Beep are all available to help you enjoy a serving of member berries. And there is even a line of Sid-inspired shoes for those who love to disassemble toys and create freaky mashups of them. The Woody-inspired shoes also have “Andy” written across the bottom of the show, you know, like in the movie.

Now that you’re adrenaline has simmered down from the initial nostalgia shock, it should be known Vans is offering more than shoes. Along with the kids and adult shoes, Vans will also be offering apparel inspired by the film. Lace up and enjoy your nostalgia, to infinity and beyond.

(Via BuzzFeed)