Last Night’s Veep Debate Set To Autotuned Music, Just As Jesus Wanted It To Be

Here’s a tip for you guys: you can always tell who loss a debate by which side is more hysterical about the moderator and the conduct of the winner afterwards. Take it away, Sean Hannity

“Biden is the drunk at the bar, Martha [Raddatz] is the unhappy bartender, and [Paul] Ryan is the unfortunate salesman caught in the middle.”

What say you, Gretchen Carlson?

I mean, just speaking as a woman for a minute. And I really want to know the difference in the gender opinion this morning. Was this more offensive to women, was it more offensive to men, was it not offensive to either? I… and maybe women have felt this more often. I just could not believe how disrespectful he was. And, being from the Midwest as Paul Ryan is as well, there is such a thing as Midwestern sensibilities and Midwestern politeness, and “oh yeah, you go in front of me.” That’s what Paul Ryan was doing.

HAHA…the Democrats were doing the same thing after Romney bullied and bloodied Obama last week. Aren’t American politics AWESOME?

Obviously, the only way to get through this time with your sanity intact is to laugh at it all, so take it away, Gregory Brothers!

Oh, and here’s a handy chart translating all of last night’s Bidenisms…

Never doubt this man, Obama!

(Chart via Jest)