‘The Conjuring’ Star Vera Farmiga Howled Through A Cover Of Slipknot’s ‘Duality’ Like A Woman Possessed

Major Slipknot fan over here. Major Vera Farmiga fan over here as well.

Granted, I never imagined that I’d possibly hear Vera Farmiga howling as though an exorcist would be welcome while channeling the rage of Corey Taylor through lyrics such as “I push my fingers into my eyes / It’s the only thing that slowly stops the ache / If the pain goes on / I’m not gonna make it.”

Oh, it happened.

These two wonders of the world come together as one in an unexpected way. As revealed this week by the Conjuring and Up In The Air star, Vera duly belted out a performance of “Duality” with, as she wrote on Instagram, “my buds at @rockacademyofficial. Best. Music. School. On. The. Planet.”

Who knew that Vera had this in her? Now, I’m wishing that she would carry this act further, possibly into one of The Walking Dead spinoffs with Slipknot perfectly timed in the background. I also need lead singer Corey Taylor to weigh in on this matter through social media. However, he’s a little busy right now, mourning the loss of his knees.

Let’s take a detour here. Previously, Corey did discuss his knees with us. He’s had “scar tissue” cleaned up in those all-important joints, and he declared, “You know, I’m not twenty anymore, and as hard as I try to go, sometimes the machinery doesn’t wanna f*cking do what it’s told.” If he ever needs to take a night off from touring, perhaps Vera Farmiga would be happy to oblige.