Watch This Rat Attack A Pigeon As Jaded Bystanders Narrate The Bitter End

Only in New York City will one see a brutal smackdown to the bitter end between a rat and a pigeon. Both animals are in plentiful supply in the Big Apple, and this rat pounced upon a pigeon who was in the wrong place at the right time for spectators. A group of millennial voices can be heard narrating this video from 2014, which has gone newly viral because the Internet knows neither space nor time.

In this clip, the rat swiftly disables the pigeon as one guy announces, “Rat versus pigeon … who will win?” Another voice can be heard saying, “Rat’s got him in a nice headlock” while another chimes in, “Nature at its very cruelest.” All of this commentary seems inappropriate given the circumstances, since we are seeing one animal swallow the life of another. Yet the phrases are not out of place from a voyeuristic stance.

We now live in a time where people are so jaded that they have no problem filming a death match and uploading it to YouTube. Pizza Rat would never do this to anyone.