Two Kids In A Trench Coat Tried To Buy Beer In San Francisco Like A Real Life ‘Vincent Adultman’


Earlier this week, in a post on the neighborhood social networking website Nextdoor for the Daly City neighborhood just outside of San Francisco, a man reported that two kids disguised as a tall man in a trench coat were spotted attempting to buy beer in a convenience store. When they were denied, they attempted to get the author of the post, Marcus Ronaldi, to buy it for them. Ronaldi said no because “it was easy to tell that one of the youths was perched upon the other’s shoulders.”

In yet another instance of life imitating art, the sighting is akin to the character of “Vincent Adultman” on the Netflix animated series Bojack Horseman. Vincent, a.k.a. “Kevin” dates Bojack’s agent and on-again, off-again romantic interest Princess Carolyn throughout the first couple seasons of the series despite other characters repeatedly pointing out to her that Vincent is “very obviously three kids stacked on top of each other under a trench coat.”

Oh, but wait, because it gets even better from there:

When he left the store, Ronaldi said was followed out by the man, who asked Ronaldi to buy him beer. And why couldn’t he buy it himself? Because he had left his ID at the “detective agency” where he worked, the man explained.

“He told me that he was investigating people claiming to be with the Illuminati,” Ronaldi wrote in his post.

Suffice to say, they did not get the beer as Ronaldi apparently told them he didn’t have his ID either. You have to admire their moxie, though.


For what it’s worth, a couple of kids tried the same thing this year to get into Black Panther by purchasing just one ticket, and they were likewise denied, as you can see in this Twitter post that went viral:

(Via SF Gate)