Putin Reportedly Has A Secret ‘Cosmetology Center’ Filled With ‘High-End Beauty Equipment’ On His ‘Ghost’ Train

By now, word has already slipped out about Vladimir Putin’s “ghost train,” although the Russia president didn’t take too kindly about this information being in the public view. A Russian amateur photographer feared for his life after taking photos of the luxury train, which supposedly also travels on a secret web of tunnels. That’s all the better to reach that pickle-hoarding hideout while war continues to swallow thousands of lives during Putin’s ongoing Ukraine invasion.

CNN has now made this train more public by publishing plans of the lavishly decked-out train, which seems to be the choice way for the paranoid Putin to move across the countryside and maybe get his Botox fix on the go, too. If true, then there’s a lot of needle-sticking going on, but at minimum, there’s some sort of skin-tightening machine on board, and there’s also a Turkish steam bath and a pretty sweet personal gym. Importantly, as well, the train cars appear to be insulated in a way to protect against “listening devices,” but here’s more about Putin’s available beauty treatments while onboard:

Through the door, further down the car, a full cosmetology center is furnished with a massage table and all manner of high-end beauty equipment — including, according to a leaked document, a radio-frequency machine used to enhance the tautness of skin. The room itself, documents from the Dossier Center suggest, is outfitted to help prevent the use of listening devices.

Well, Putin had better get that Botox in while he can. If he loses the war, and there’s a distinct possibility that he will, then one can count on him at least losing some of his luxury perks, if he’s not fully ousted from office. For his part, Putin reportedly fears a cabbage crisis even more than collateral upheaval from his war. He’s got priorities, alright.

(Via CNN)