Trump Went On A Kooky, Paranoid Rant About How His Problems With Stairs Got So Much More Attention Than Biden Tripping

Donald Trump still thinks the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from him and now, he’s blaming stairs.

During a wildly incoherent interview Monday evening with right-wing pandering network OAN, Trump chatted with host Dan Ball about the electoral loss he just can’t seem to move on from, but he had some new theories as to why the whole thing was rigged against him. In discussing the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the twice-impeached former president claimed he would’ve handled the situation much better than his predecessor, President Joe Biden, and ended up calling into question his rival’s physical and mental fitness. Why? Because … stairs.

When he fell up the stairs, fell up the stairs three times, it was not on any program,” Trump rambled (via Raw Story). “If that was me, it would have been the biggest story for months, career-ending. It was never on the media, never on mainstream media, his trip. It’s okay, you can trip. Gerald Ford tripped, never lived it down. I would go very carefully down the stairs, I don’t want to trip. You don’t live it down with these people. With him, they never put it on.”

Trump had more than a few run-ins with the stairs leading up to the entrance of Air Force One that were, in fact, covered by the media at the time. He also regularly went on disjointed tangents during his many rallies and once bragged about taking a dementia test on-air, so the connection between his inability to confidently scale a few steps and his mental capacity to run an entire country seemed legitimate, like something the free press should investigate. How one stumble from Biden relates to a months-long plan to pull U.S. Forces out of the Middle East, one that was indirectly launched by Trump’s own negotiations with Taliban leaders, remains to be seen.

But this is Trump, so he’ll find a way to connect the red string on his ever-growing board of conspiracy theories eventually. This time, he’s using the negative coverage he got from “Stair-Gate” to somehow prove his suspicion of voter fraud. We’ll let him tell it:

Why do they protect them, and with Biden, there’s nothing — the people get it, ultimately the people get it,” Trump continued. “I got 75 million votes. I had the media totally against my, outside of yourself and a few others, I had the media against me as much as anyone has ever seen. No one has seen anything like it. I had the vicious Democrats, communists socialists, call them whatever the hell they are or they’ll impeach you if you sneeze, and just vicious what they do, and I had big tech against me, and I was told you can’t win if you have big tech. I had 75 million votes, more than any sitting president has ever gotten. They said he had 81 million, there’s no way he got 81 [million votes].”

What we’re getting from this heap of nonsense is that Trump thinks some bad coverage of his continuing battle with those Democrat-backed stairs proves the media is committed to protecting Biden, which is why they won’t admit the election was stolen? But hey, if you’re fluent in gibberish, feel free to offer a better translation.

(Via Raw Story)