Watch This Pint-Sized Vlogger Expertly Blame Her Fart On A Ghost

The thing about farts is that they’re usually funny to just about everyone other than the person who “dealt” it. (Although occasionally also for those who are forced to smelt it.) It’s why “farting” remains one of the all-time greatest fears of anyone signing up to be a contestant on The Bachelor (right behind silence and diarrhea, which is basically just farts materializing), and why the thought of sit-up day in gym class is enough to give most high school students the cold sweats.

At some point human beings realized they could pass the blame of farts off on the dog, but what do you do if there’s no dog around? Or anyone else, for that matter? Such was the dilemma for Dylan S., the young vlogger in a YouTube video captured by her older sister in the above tweet (because sisters are good for nothing else if not laughing at your expense) who let one rip in the middle of taking her viewers on a tour of her closet.

Still, Dylan made a valiant effort at attempt at covering it up, telling the camera, “Did you guys hear that? I’m scared. I don’t know what was that guys and I didn’t do that.” Is “alternative farts” a thing yet? Because it should be. I don’t know about everybody else, but I sure am convinced.

The whole video is below, but the phantom fart comes in at around the 3:15 mark.