Why Did This Enraged Shopper Unleash A Vicious Head-Butt On A Walmart Employee?

Details about this altercation between an employee (yellow sweater) and shopper (cream sweater) at a Houston area Walmart are scarce, but according to YouTube uploader Mitchell Simpson, the whole thing started over a tax return the customer filed at the store. It also climaxed with a vicious head-butt and ended with the ladies tugging on each other’s hair.

Also unclear: the exact moment the confrontation turned from salty banter to inevitable sloppy beatdown, but I think it was around the time the employee said, “Yo mama’s a b*tch, b*tch.”

Click2Houston says the Deer Park Police Department has issued the shopper a criminal trespass notice and continues to investigate the fight. The employee has not pressed charges.

(Via Click2Houston + Mitchell Simpson; H/T Death and Taxes)