What We Want Out Of 'The Incredibles 2'

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03.19.14 28 Comments

It’s official: One of the best superhero movies ever made, The Incredibles, is getting a sequel. Brad Bird has apparently decided he finally has another story to tell, and The Incredibles 2 is in the works. So what do we most want to see out of it?

More Heroes

Part of the fun of the original movie was the riffing it did on Silver Age comic book tropes; there weren’t any explicit parodies of real superheroes, but rather the movie riffing on some of the powers and ideas that defined the Silver Age. And now that the heroes are legal again, or at least visible enough that they might be needed, we really hope Bird gets to cut loose and create a few more characters.

More Mark Waid

The movie actually had a sequel of sorts: Mark Waid began writing a comic series that took on the original world and actually fleshed it out into a kid-friendly yet complex superhero story. Bird, of course, is writing the script as we speak, but we hope Waid’s brought on at some point. He really showed a facility with the story that made the comic just as great as the movie.

Or at the very least, Disney can come up with a few reprints; the series from Boom! Studios went into limbo and hasn’t been fully reprinted since the first run.

More Bond Jokes

A big part of the fun of the original movie was the fact that it was absolutely crammed with James Bond jokes and references, ranging from Michael Giacchino’s riffs on John Barry’s scores to various visual elements and ideas. In fact, it’s more a Bond movie than a superhero movie in many respects. We’d love to see what they’d do with Bond from the ’70s.

Either way, Brad Bird’s earned our trust; we can’t wait to see what he comes up with. Just as long as it doesn’t feature Mr. Skipperdoo.

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