Bros Before Brains: New Clips And Posters From Zombie Romance 'Warm Bodies'

Summit Entertainment released two new clips and some B-roll footage from zombie romance Warm Bodies, which gives us all the excuse we needed to catch up on the other Warm Bodies stuff we forgot to cover. The first trailer was surprisingly good, managing to interest me in a story about a zombie (Nicholas Hoult) who falls in love with a human teenager (Teresa Palmer) after eating her boyfriend’s brains and absorbing his memories. That kind of plot could easily be botched, but it seems Jonathan Levine (50/50) found the right balance of horror and humor, mostly humor.

The first video below is the opening four minutes of the movie, which you may have already seen. The next two videos are the new clips. (The B-roll footage is available at Coming Soon.) The final video is a trailer to remind us John Malkovich is the zombie-killing, disapproving father of the girl the zombie falls in love with. We also have several posters for the movie, which opens February 1, 2013.

Turns out February is going to be an awesome month for zombie fans, what with Warm Bodies and with the second half of The Walking Dead‘s third season returning to TV and with the impending zombie apocalypse set to start on the 17th oops I wasn’t supposed to tell you why am I still typing?

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