Watch These Men Almost Get Killed By A Plane While They Are Boating

This is the kind of video you may have to re-watch a few times to totally absorb what you’ve just seen. In the selfie-stick made clip, three men are seen hauling-ass in a boat down a river in Goya, Argentina. The guys are there for a fishing tournament, called Largada Fiesta del Surubi. According to Daily Mail, the festivities almost turned tragic, though, as the men damn near get beheaded by an out-of-control plane.

In an obvious moment of sheer panic, the men can be heard screaming in terror as the plane comes within feet of the boat. After the aircraft flies past them, the lucky anglers let out some relieved laughter, obviously realizing how close they came to dying.

I’m sure the chances of a plane killing you while boating are pretty much slim-to-none. This statistical certainty, however, will not stop me from checking the sky for aircraft like Ray Liotta from Goodfellas the next time I’m on a boat.

Source: Daily Mail, Youtube