Watch This Returning Soldier Surprise His Son With A Photobomb On School Picture Day

Remember when your mom or dad would come to school to surprise you and take you home early for the hell of it? It’s the highest possible moment of coolness that a parent can attain save for throwing you the keys to a new car or sliding you your first beer, but Corporal James Bass may have found another level of available coolness.

Cpl. Bass has been stationed in Kuwait for a year. While away, his family has done what so many military families do. They have endured while waiting for him to return home. At his son Joshua’s class picture day, that long awaited return happened in a thoroughly awesome way as Cpl. Bass photobombed his son, who then jumped into his arms after realizing that his dad had been behind him.

It’s a moment that would have been made better had Joshua selected the “laser” motif instead of “lake view” for his picture, but whatever. That’s not what’s important. What’s important is that little man got a free comb and an unforgettable moment with his dad. That’s a pretty great picture day.

(Source: WTVD ABC 11)