Watch This Soon-To-Be-Single Dude Torment His Girlfriend With ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Quotes

I feel like I have a fairly high tolerance for bullcrap in a relationship (as long as you never leave anything with peanut butter on it sitting in the sink because that sh*t makes me go ballistic), but it’s safe to say that one deal breaker I’ve fortunately never had to think about is a guy yelling Lord of the Rings quotes at me all the time. I’ve never seen a Lord of the Ring movie. I have no desire to see a Lord of the Ring movie. Probably the only thing I desire less then seeing the Lord of the Rings movies is a boyfriend quoting it all the time for his deranged amusement.

So I have no idea why this poor woman in the video tolerates this behavior, because if this were me I’d be all, Singletown: Population you, bro.