These Teens Pretended To Be Pregnant Using Watermelons To Sneak Snacks Into A Movie Theater

Say what you will about teenagers — there’s certainly a lot to be said — but they’re nothing if not dedicated (also, they love Bee Movie). They support their favorite pop stars by licking donuts; they use fast food restaurants as a locale for prom photos; they’d rather walk 30 miles than go to jail; and instead of paying $45 for a small popcorn, they sneak snacks into a movie theater.

By pretending to be pregnant. Using watermelons.

Priscilla Banuelos, Angelena Silveira and Alyssa Lopez, all 18 years old, recently went to see Star Trek Beyond at a Galaxy movie theater in Riverbank, California. The cost of a ticket: $10.75. That’s not too expensive, but the money adds up when you add a small popcorn and medium Pepsi. So rather than spend another $15 on stale food, or have some pimple-faced teen browse their bags for tasty edible contraband (or edibles), the women taped watermelon halves to their stomachs and pretended to be expecting.

That’s either the smartest plan I’ve ever heard of, or the dumbest.

“We used duct tape and Saran Wrap and they stayed, and we ended up pulling it off with no questions asked,” Banuelos told Mashable, adding, “You could tell people were pretty judgmental because we were such a young group and we were getting a lot of stares from people in the lobby.” They made two fatal mistakes, though: a) the only thing they put inside the watermelon was candy, which, c’mon, you can do better than that, and b) they didn’t throw the watermelons away. Banuelos claims that’s because there weren’t any trash cans in the theater, and they didn’t want to walk into the lobby holding disgusting, carved-out watermelons, but it’s still a dick move.

Teens are the best, until they’re the worst.

(Via Mashable)