What If Every Romantic Comedy Starred Mitt Romney, One Tumblr Dares To Ask

Were Two Weeks Notice to star Sandra Bullock and Mitt Romney, instead of the king of dappishly fantastical follies, Hugh Grant, it would no longer be about…whatever Two Weeks Notice was about. The upper middle class, maybe? I remember Mike Piazza showing up at some point.
But I digress: were Mr. 47% to appear in the film, the premise would be, “An ambitious billionaire tries to erase his pink slip past by convincing the people he loves that someday he’ll be the job creator he was meant to be.” Such is the premise of Rom Com, via Jessica Misener, a brilliantly simple Tumblr that recasts Romney as the leading man in various romantic comedies.
It’s also a nice reminder that Katherine Heigl is the WORST.
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A straight-talking billionaire says exactly what a group of lined-pocket supporters want to hear, but what he doesn’t know is that the other 47% of the country is listening.
An orator billionaire declares his love for country and promises to restore America’s promise without committing to any details.
A billionaire and his friend from Missouri get a hard life lesson when they meet the rarest of women – a legitimate rape expecting mother.
A foolish billionaire discovers that corporations are people too, but then he falls in love with one.
An eccentric billionaire sets out to find himself on a summer vacation with his family, his station wagon and his dog Seamus tied to the roof.
A billionaire Mormon preacher takes a stand on marriage – declaring it should be between a husband and wife or wives.
A privileged billionaire struggles between being himself and being who everyone else wants him to be.
A quirky billionaire thinks he has it all – a great job, beautiful family, 15 homes – until one day, he unsuspectingly steps into a car elevator.
A loveable billionaire learns the hard way, that staying home and taking care of five boys isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.
A crafty billionaire finds it’s easy to love life with a broken system and a favorable tax rate.