One Man Learned The Hard Way What You Never Say To An Exotic Dancer


An evening out went awry at Derriere’s Gentlemen’s Club in Myrtle Beach — a two-star rated Yelp BYOB establishment — early Sunday morning, when a fight broke out between an exotic dancer and a patron. The patron in question, 23-year-old Kyle Yeomans, said that the woman trying to entertain him was “annoying him” and “kept trying to talk to him,” which I thought was the entire point.

Unfortunately, it may have been Yeomans’ intoxication level, which he later told police was “an 11 out of 10,” that led to the following series of events.

In response to being annoyed, Yeomans “told the dancer that she should go to the gym and lose weight.” The stripper, Yeomans said, was a white female with long black hair. He estimated that she weighed between 115-120 pounds, and was no more than 25 years old.

Yeomans also reported that his attacker had “a muffin top.”

For some reason, women who make a living by taking their clothes off do not like being told to “go to the gym and lose weight” (or any women, for that matter), and the dancer responded by beating the unholy crap out of Yeomans, striking him on the face at least four times which caused injuries due to the rings she was wearing. He was then dragged out by bouncers who were supposedly “unnecessarily rough” with him.

Still, even after all that, Yeomans declined to press charges against the dancer or the club. It’s with any hope that he just chalked this one up as a life lesson learned not to get wasted and tell strippers that they’re fat.

(Via The Smoking Gun)

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