‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Couldn’t Believe That A Contestant Tried To ‘Twerk’ On Pat Sajak

Wheel Of Fortune wouldn’t have made it through forty seasons without being a tightly-wound projection in the production sense, which is why it’s so funny when the show goes off the rails. The show occasionally veers towards dirty jokes and surprising comment territory from contestants, and even Pat Sajak is known to joke about nipple rings because you gotta let loose on occasion.

Letting loose is exactly what one contestant did when solving a “Quiet Neighborhood” puzzle against a 10-second bonus timer. Via The Sun, Jamie McMahon Carrillo ended up getting a little bit excited and did a little “twerk” move against Sajak. Maybe it was a possible twerk? It didn’t even qualify as a Miley-style twerk, so it feels like an attempted twerk. This prompted the question on social media.

The Wheel Of Fortune Twitter account quickly weighed in with skull emoji but called this a “butt bump.” Hmm.

To twerk or not to twerk? People were pretty quick to conclude that this was one, or at least, they couldn’t stop inquiring in disbelief.

Sajak handled the surprise well. He’s seen some stuff over the years for sure, and a little mini-twerk is no big deal.

(Via The Sun)