We Were Not Prepared For Pat Sajak Discussing Nipple Rings And Tattoos With Joel Madden On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

Wheel of Fortune doesn’t always get the attention its brainer sister show Jeopardy! does, but when it does, it’s usually not flattering. It only makes the news if contestants catastrophically flub one of their typically easy puzzles, or if its longtime, Pat Sajak, does something weird, like pose for a picture with MAGA menace Marjorie Taylor Greene. Speaking of Sajak, on a recent episode, his banter went to some, well, very odd places.

It was actually an installment of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, which has already resulted in some top shelf Snoop Dogg content. This time Sajak was shooting the stuff with Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden, as one does. Sajak asked him something he probably should have Googled before they started taping, namely if he’s still hosting the show tattoo show Ink Master. He is, but that only prompted Sajak to blurt out a joke about his co-host Vanna White — or at least we hope it’s a joke.

“I was going to have a little tattoo of Vanna put on my chest, but I didn’t,” Sajak cracked (or not?). A cut to White showed her laughing.

But Sajak wasn’t done. After Madden quipped, “It’s never too late!”, Sajak added, “I was afraid it would take away from my nipple ring.”

Madden was quick with a response, joking, “I think it would actually compliment the nipple rings, Pat.”

Anyway, does Pat Sajak have a nipple ring? And is he actually planning on getting his coworker tatted near to it? Stranger things have happened and game show hosts are infamously strange people. So while it seems unlikely that the host of Wheel of Fortune has a body piercing (or more than one?), if he does then you probably don’t want to know about it.

(Via Fox News)