Whoopi Goldberg Has No Sympathy For Sen. Krysten Sinema Being Confronted In A Bathroom By Her Angry Arizona Constituents

During a fiery rant on Tuesday morning’s episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg expressed zero sympathy for Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema who was followed into a restroom by angry constituents. In fact, Whoopi said if she was an Arizona voter, she’d be right there in that restroom demanding answers from Sinema, who was elected to work for her constituents, not delay vital fixes to roads and infrastructure for reasons that no one can seem to determine.

After ringing a bell, which seems like a feature should’ve had handy when Meghan McCain was around, Whoopi tore into Sinema and backed the voters who confronted her over the weekend:

“When it is something someone wants, they find the money. They find the money. And if this doesn’t get done now, it’s not going to get done. It’s just not gonna happen. Your roads, all of this stuff is not gonna get fixed. So, it’s very simple to me. I’mma follow you wherever you are if you’re not responding to me as someone who elected you. I’m trying to keep you in office because I tell ya, when I start voting and you’ve been null and void and nowhere to be found, you’re out. ‘Cause you’re not taking care of business.”

It was yet another solid rant from Whoopi who snatched up NBA star LeBron James for not endorsing the COVID vaccine last week. If going after King James doesn’t concern Whoopi, she’s certainly not going to lose sleep calling out Sinema.

“This is your job,” Whoopi said while wrapping up her contribution to the panel discussion. “Your job is not to play with Manchin. Your job is to take care of what we need in Arizona. That’s why we put you in, ’cause we thought you could do it better. And here you are blocking stuff.”

(Via The Chat on Twitter)