Who’s Hungry? A Burger Joint In Denmark Is Adding Sex Toys To Its Menu.

Hot Buns
, a new burger joint in Copenhagen, Denmark, is looking to turn up the heat — and no, I’m not talking about extra jalapenos and Cholula sauce. Soon, it will offer sex toys on its menu. I can just hear it now: “Sir, would you like a cock ring instead of fries?”

“On Friday and Saturday nights there are only two things most people want: sex and food. We’re combining them both,” Mathias Kaer, owner of Hot Buns, told UPI.

How thoughtful! The restaurant, which already employs scantily clad waitresses and boasts a mural of a topless woman on its premises, plans to add dildos, chains, whips, and penis rings to its evening menu. Step aside burger platters, there’s other meat that needs to be serviced.

The new “Hot Buns After Dark” products will be available starting this week. To help kick things off with a bang and ensure that people come, Kaer is dangling quite the giveaway: The first 10 men get cock rings and the first 10 women get vibrators.

For the edible food menu, head here. Below, check out some photos of Hot Buns’ employees.

UPI via Toronto Sun