The Rock Explained Why He’s Not Going To Endorse Anybody In The 2024 Election

In the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson surprisingly bucked his independent political stance by endorsing Joe Biden for president. It was the first time the iconic wrestler-turned-blockbuster movie star backed a presidential candidate, and it may have been the last.

As The Rock prepares for his heavily-hyped return to WrestleMania, he’s making it clear that he’s going to stay out of the 2024 presidential election that has, once again, resulted in a showdown between Biden and Donald Trump. However, The Rock stands by his decision to back Biden in the previous election.

“The endorsement that I made years ago with Biden was one I thought was the best decision for me at that time,” he told Fox & Friends co-host Will Cain before explaining why he’s not backing either candidate this time around.

“That answer is no,” The Rock said. “I’m not gonna do that.”

Via Newsweek:

Johnson went on to say that his endorsement of Biden in 2020 sparked “division” in America and added: “I realized now going into this election, I’m not gonna do that and I wouldn’t do that because my goal is to bring out country together… in the spirit of that, there’s gonna be no endorsement.”

“I’m gonna keep my politics to myself,” Johnson said.

Does this decision mean The Rock is finally getting serious about running for president like he’s repeatedly teased over the years? Nope, he’s done with that, too.

“That’s not my intention, Will. I’m not a politician, and I’m not into politics,” The Rock said. “I care deeply about our country. I’m a patriot, and I believe you are too, and right now, my desire and my priorities are my babies.”

You can watch The Rock’s interview with Will Cain below:

(Via Newsweek)