‘Windows 95 Tips’ Documents The Horror Of ’90s Computing As We Remember It

If you’ve ever used a Windows 95 computer, you’re surely familiar with the operating system’s sinister properties. It was as though the computer knew exactly the worst moment to crash and took pleasure in laying all our best laid plans to waste. A new Tumblr page, Windows 95 Tips, has emerged to chronicle just how evil this OS was. Their realistic screencaps portray a mid-’90s computer interface as designed by H.P. Lovecraft. It’s so disturbing, we may have to play solitaire to calm our nerves.

From these pictures we learned those old computers were far more hazardous than we realized. Did you know Windows 95 would allow you to choose the time and manner of your death? (Note: Do not click Preview.) Also never click on the Character Map. In fact, don’t click on anything. It’ll just crash anyway.

Would you kindly peruse our 13 favorite tips below? All pictures via Windows 95 Tips, and you can view the rest of these chilling screencaps over there. Thanks to Boing Boing for the assist.