The New ‘Wizard Cops’ Internet Series Is Like ‘Cops’ But So Much More Magical

11.24.15 2 years ago

Two of America’s best known professions are merged together in a new video from Corridor Digital. Say hello to Wizard Cops, the internet comedy offering that combines police, magic and the most unlikely theme song to attach itself to your brain this month.

Shot like your average episode of Cops, Wizard Cops follows a pair of magical law enforcement officers as they hit the streets and deal with suspects that have their own enchanted quirks. The two “wiz cops” we’re riding along with seem to have no problem smoking confiscated pipe-weed and blasting fleeing suspects with lightning bolts, although things take a turn for the dangerous before this four-and-a-half minute parody comes to a close.

The attention to detail to the Cops tropes is pretty impressive even with the presence of magic bubbling throughout this YouTube video. (You’ll have to consult your local wizards council to get a proper technical assessment of the hocus pocus side of things.) The clip has clearly clicked with viewers online earning over 300,000 views since its debut yesterday and there’s a healthy assortment of thumbs up (nearly 24K) to go alongside it. Give it a watch and decide if a Wizard’s Most Wanted companion show would make for good television.

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