Once You've Played 'Dark Souls II' With Werner Herzog Narration, You Can't Play It Any Other Way

This forest area is obviously Herzog’s least favorite. 

Delightfully bonkers director Werner Herzog sees the world (particularly the nature-ey parts of it) as a vast merciless hell steeped in malice and death, so it stands to reason he’d probably have an affinity for Dark Souls II, a merciless hellscape of a game filled with only malice and death. So yeah, somebody made a YouTube video of “Werner Herzog” narrating Dark Souls II footage and it’s kind of perfect (even if the Herzog impersonator sometimes sounds a little more Spanish than German).

Check it out below…


Of course we assume Dark Souls would be Herzog’s favorite series, but in reality he’s probably totally into, like, Pokemon or something.

“I look into the eyes of the Pokemon, into the eyes of the Pikachu or Charmander, and I see a bottomless, fiendish stupidity and cruelty. Pokemon are the most horrifying, cannibalistic, nightmare creatures ever conceived by the hand of God. The fact they delight children so disgusts, but does not shock me.”

via Kotaku