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March Madness

March Morbidity Fatal Four: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

By | 13 Comments

'Deep Blue Sea' continues its amazing run to the championship, but can it hold off melting Nazis? Let's see.


Country Singer Sara Evans Can’t Believe Fox Made Her Children Watch ‘The Last Man On Earth’

By | 56 Comments

The singer shared her rage on Facebook after she watched the 'disgusting' new comedy with her teenage children.

oral histories

Stars And Writers Of ‘NewsRadio’ Look Back On The Show That Refused To Play By The Rules

By and | 41 Comments

Twenty years after its debut on NBC, the stars of 'NewsRadio' discuss how the show brought them together as a comedy family.


How The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Guys Got To Sponsor A College Football Bowl Game For Free

By | 5 Comments

How much did an Independence Bowl sponsorship cost the 'Duck Dynasty' guys last year? Apparently nothing.

March Madness

March Morbidity E-lethal Eight: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

By | 8 Comments

Our quest to crown the most wonderfully violent action movie death scene continues with the remaining eight scenes.

neighbors with benefits

Critics Think A&E’s Swinger Series ‘Neighbors With Benefits’ Is Pretty Boring

By | 12 Comments

The controversial swinger series is pretty boring, according to TV critics, since A&E can't show all the fun parts of wife-swapping.


A ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Used Her Intro Time To Invite Alex Trebek To Watch Her DJ

By | 4 Comments

If you're going to be a contestant on 'Jeopardy!,' it can't hurt to invite Alex Trebek out to a bar.

#Star Wars

Artist Robert Xavier Burden’s $200,000 ‘Star Wars’ Painting Is Worth The Money

By | 16 Comments

For $200,000, you can own this amazing 'Star Wars' oil painting. Or for $250 you can buy a print. Either way, it's worth it.


Michelle Rodriguez Says Paul Walker’s Death Caused Her To Get ‘Pretty Crazy’

By | 23 Comments

The 'Furious 7' actress says she was unable to cope with Paul Walker's death, and that led to her doing things she wouldn't normally do.

oral histories

The Behind-The-Scenes Story Of ‘Diversity Day,’ The Episode That Defined NBC’s ‘The Office’

By and | 19 Comments

Cast and crew of NBC's 'The Office' reflect on the show's second episode, 'Diversity Day,' on the 10th anniversary of the series debut.

NCAA Tournament

March Morbidity Savage 16: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

By | 22 Comments

Our quest to pick the ultimate action movie death scene continues with the Sweet 16.

death scenes

March Morbidity Round 2: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

By | 22 Comments

Our March Madness-inspired action movie death scene tournament continues after a first round packed with upsets.


Will Forte Is ‘Such A Puss’ In This Blooper Reel From ‘The Last Man On Earth’

By | 3 Comments

Can't get enough of the quirky charm of 'The Last Man on Earth'? Here's the blooper reel from last week's episode.


A Contestant Farted On New Zealand’s ‘The Bachelor’ And Her Beau Thought It Was Refreshing

By | 7 Comments

The star of New Zealand's 'The Bachelor' actually respected that his date cut the cheese and owned it.


Mr. T Is Getting His Own Home Improvement Show Entitled ‘I Pity The Tool’

By | 7 Comments

The DIY Network has outdone itself with its latest celebrity-hosted renovation series, Mr. T's 'I Pity the Tool.'


How This Week’s ‘Archer’ Became A Tribute To ‘The Americans’ Thanks To The Super Bowl

By | 6 Comments

The star of 'The Americans' will face off against Sterling Archer thanks to a hilarious story he told on the FX bus to Super Bowl XLVIII.

NCAA Tournament

March Morbidity: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?

By | 135 Comments

Help us determine the best and most insane action movie death scenes of the last 40 years with this spectacular tournament.

vicious pooping

A British Airways Flight Had To Turn Around Because Someone Took A Ruthless Poop

By | 12 Comments

The next time that you tell someone that your flight to Anytown, USA was absolutely awful, remind yourself that no flight will ever be as shitty as this one.

robert durst

The AP Accidentally Called Robert Durst ‘The Former Limp Bizkit Frontman’

By | 6 Comments

While one would probably prefer to switch places with the other right now, Robert Durst and Fred Durst are not the same person.


Daniel Craig Is Rocking A Very Familiar Tactleneck In This Teaser Poster For ‘SPECTRE’

By | 26 Comments

If James Bond is going to look exactly like Sterling Archer, then it's time to just make a live action 'Archer' movie.

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