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#The Walking Dead

‘Walking Dead’ Deaths That Are Apparently Less Obscene Than Breasts

By | 19 Comments

Basic cable is a weird place and what makes it past the censors can be pretty surprising sometimes. For example...


It Ain’t White Boy Day: A Celebration Of Gary Oldman As Drexl Spivey From ‘True Romance’

By | 19 Comments

Gary Oldman's transformation into Jamaican pimp Drexl Spivey was nothing short of mind-blowing.


Saul Goodman Advice That Can Get You Out Of Any Situation

By | 4 Comments

We've dug up some nuggets of wisdom from the best legal mind in the Albuquerque.


Netflix Release Dates For All Of The Streaming Service’s 2015 Original Programming

By | 30 Comments

Mark your calendar with these important Netflix release dates, including 'Orange is the New Black' and 'Daredevil.'

Escape From New York

Snake Plissken Quotes That Can Make Anyone Feel Like A Total Badass

By | 5 Comments

Because sometimes you just need to let the world know that it messed with the wrong guy.

#Fascinating Facts

‘The Breakfast Club’ Originally Had A Nude Scene And Other Trivia You Might Not Know

By | 20 Comments

Time to find out what the brain, the athlete, the basket case, the princess, and the criminal were really up to on set.

#SXSW 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Dating, According To Judd Apatow Movies

By | 4 Comments

Looking for some dating tips? Let Judd Apatow guide you in the ways of romance.

the dark knight

How Christopher Nolan Realized Aaron Eckhart Was The Perfect Harvey Dent

By | 19 Comments

Christopher Nolan believes in Harvey Dent, and he believed in Aaron Eckhart.

olivia wilde

Let’s Celebrate All The Times Olivia Wilde Has Made The Internet Swoon

By | 9 Comments

As if you even needed a reminder that the internet is wild for Olivia Wilde.

#It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Charlie Kelly Quotes That Would Get Most People Institutionalized

By | 18 Comments

Over the past 10 seasons one thing has become abundantly clear, Charlie is crazy in the head.

tom clancy

The Story Behind Alec Baldwin Losing The Jack Ryan Role After ‘The Hunt For Red October’

By | 43 Comments

Alec Baldwin wanted to reprise his role of Jack Ryan for 'Patriot Games' but a Paramount studio executive had other plans.


A Very Important Timeline of Chelsea Handler’s Adventures In Nudity

By | 14 Comments

Chelsea Handler's stripped down plenty over the years, and we've rounded up all that nudity into one glorious timeline.

#Fascinating Facts

All The Things You Probably Don’t Know About Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Traffic’

By | 18 Comments

Benicio del Toro's elite company, Harrison Ford's involvement, an almost NC-17 rating, and everything else you don't know about 'Traffic.'

#It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

‘Save Yourself The Embarrassment': The Many Low Points In The Love Life Of Dee Reynolds

By | 7 Comments

Dee's love life has been one embarrassing moment after another, and it's time to remember all of them.


Where Are They Now? — The Cast Of ‘Billy Madison’ 20 Years Later

By | 50 Comments

Let's checking with the 'Billy Madison' cast to see what they've been up to since graduation.

#Breaking Bad

Prepare Yourself For ‘Better Call Saul’ With These Facts About The ‘Breaking Bad’ Origin Story

By | 17 Comments

If Vince Gilligan had a Showtime subscription, we probably never would have gotten 'Breaking Bad.'

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