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From ‘SNL’ To ‘Eastbound & Down’ — Jason Sudeikis’ Best A-Hole Characters

By | 8 Comments

Jason Sudeikis has been plenty of onscreen experience playing a total a-hole.


A Comprehensive Guide To Ben Stiller’s Many Hilarious TV Cameos

By | 8 Comments

Ben Stiller got his career started as Fast Eddie Fletcher on 'Miami Vice' -- has been making hilarious TV cameos ever since.

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Jim Carrey Improvised All The Best Lines And Other Things You Might Not Know About ‘Dumb And Dumber’

By | 35 Comments

Before you go see 'Dumb and Dumber To' check out some trivia about Harry and Lloyd's original road trip to Aspen.

#Fascinating Facts

All The Pre-Boyd Crowder Times You May Have Seen Walton Goggins And Not Known It

By | 28 Comments

Before Walton Goggins was running from the law on 'Justified' he was running from the law on 'In the Heat of the Night.'


Ranking All Of Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk Appearances

By | 10 Comments

Lou Ferrigno has been hulking-out for 37 years.

#Emma Stone

Here’s Your Annual Reminder That Emma Stone Is Great At The Internet

By | 18 Comments

Here's your annual reminder that Emma Stone is great at the internet.


Frank Costanza’s Most Psychotic Outbursts, Ranked

By | 8 Comments

To understand George Costanza's anger, we must first understand the source of his rage -- Frank Costanza.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Almost Played Spider-Man AND Batman — Plus 5 More Roles The ‘Nightcrawler’ Star Nearly Had

By | 7 Comments

Jake Gyllenhaal almost played Spider-Man AND Batman, and nearly played for the greatest junior ice hockey team ever.

#Fascinating Facts

Those Human Innards Were Actually Pig Guts — And Other Facts You Might Not Know About ‘Saw’

By | 5 Comments

One of the goriest horror movie franchises ever started with a four-minute short film.


How James Cameron’s Bad Dream Launched One Of Sci-fi’s Biggest Franchises

By | 3 Comments

The concept for 'The Terminator' all started with a bad dream in Italy.


The 12 Highest Rated Halloween Movies On Netflix

By | 9 Comments

From campy to pants-crapping terror, Netflix has a wide variety of Halloween movie offerings.


A Brief History Of Kevin Smith’s Feuds

By | 31 Comments

Kevin Smith doesn't hold back his nerd rage when it comes to beefing with Hollywood.

#Fascinating Facts

How Matt Stone And Trey Parker Used ‘Team America: World Police’ To Enrage Studio Executives, And Sean Penn

By | 31 Comments

Assembling a team of puppet action heroes to destroy/save the world (and piss of Sean Penn) is easier said than done.

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Mickey Rourke, Daniel Day-Lewis, And Everyone Else Who Was Almost Cast In ‘Pulp Fiction’

By | 15 Comments

The 'Pulp Fiction' cast went through many variations before landing its final lineup. Including about a half dozen Mia Wallaces.

#Game of Thrones

So Much More Than Tywin Lannister: 22 Charles Dance Roles You Might Have Forgotten About

By | 28 Comments

Before he was kicking butt on 'Game of Thrones,' Charles Dance was a monocle-wearing cyborg.

#The Walking Dead

These Real-Life Zombie Stories Should Prepare You For The New Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 5 Comments

If 'The Walking Dead' doesn't satisfy your zombie craving, just look to the news.

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