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The Story Behind Alec Baldwin Losing The Jack Ryan Role After ‘The Hunt For Red October’

By | 42 Comments

Alec Baldwin wanted to reprise his role of Jack Ryan for 'Patriot Games' but a Paramount studio executive had other plans.


A Very Important Timeline of Chelsea Handler’s Adventures In Nudity

By | 14 Comments

Chelsea Handler's stripped down plenty over the years, and we've rounded up all that nudity into one glorious timeline.

#Fascinating Facts

All The Things You Probably Don’t Know About Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Traffic’

By | 18 Comments

Benicio del Toro's elite company, Harrison Ford's involvement, an almost NC-17 rating, and everything else you don't know about 'Traffic.'

#It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

‘Save Yourself The Embarrassment': The Many Low Points In The Love Life Of Dee Reynolds

By | 7 Comments

Dee's love life has been one embarrassing moment after another, and it's time to remember all of them.


Where Are They Now? — The Cast Of ‘Billy Madison’ 20 Years Later

By | 50 Comments

Let's checking with the 'Billy Madison' cast to see what they've been up to since graduation.

#Breaking Bad

Prepare Yourself For ‘Better Call Saul’ With These Facts About The ‘Breaking Bad’ Origin Story

By | 17 Comments

If Vince Gilligan had a Showtime subscription, we probably never would have gotten 'Breaking Bad.'


Drunk Uncle And 8 More Of Bobby Moynihan’s Best ‘SNL’ Characters

By | 6 Comments

From Drunk Uncle to Chris Christie, Bobby Moynihan has proven himself to be one of 'SNL's' go-to players.

#Fascinating Facts

Christian Bale Nearly Played George W. Bush, Plus 6 More Famous Roles He Almost Had

By | 6 Comments

If there's one person that can play a Christian Bale part as good as Christian Bale, it's Leonardo DiCaprio.


An Exploration Of Zack Morris’ Kelly Kapowski Fantasies

By | 12 Comments

Time to examine the psyche of the man obsessed with Kelly Kapowski more than any other human on the planet.

#The Office

So Much More Than Dwight: 13 Times Rainn Wilson Played Total Weirdos Before ‘The Office’

By | 20 Comments

Rainn Wilson had plenty of practice playing socially inept characters before Dwight K. Schrute came along.


A Guide To The ‘Tremors’ Franchise On The Movie’s 25th Anniversary

By | 15 Comments

We're digging up the 'Tremors' franchise and actor Michael Gross' role in the evolution of it.

insane clown posse

A Timeline Of Kid Rock’s Many Feuds In The Music Business

By | 14 Comments

His name is KIDDDDDDDDDDD, and a lot of people piss him off.

#dave grohl

Dave Grohl Side Projects Every Foo Fighters Fan Should Know

By | 11 Comments

Dave Grohl has been involved with a lot of musical side projects, but there are some no Grohl fan should miss.


7 ‘Workaholics’ Pranks You Can Pull Off At Your Office

Promoted by Comedy Central

The guys of TelAmeriCorp know a thing or two about pulling off a well-executed office prank.

#Fascinating Facts

A Very Particular Set Of Little-Known Facts About The ‘Taken’ Franchise

By | 3 Comments

Liam Neeson thought 'Taken' would be a fun side project in Paris, not the start of his action star career.

#Sons Of Anarchy

Antichrist Guest Star: Ranking Marilyn Manson’s Creepiest Acting Roles

By | 15 Comments

Marilyn Manson has had quite a few acting cameos over the years, and we're ranking the creepiest.


1981, The Year Of NYC Crime That Inspired ‘A Most Violent Year’

By | 19 Comments

The setting of 'A Most Violent Year' wasn't the tourist-friendly Gotham that New York City is today.


All These Movies Turned Out Way Better Than Expected

By | 28 Comments

These movies proved to be the little engine that could at the box office.

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