Why Gamers Make Great Boyfriends

Yes, that reads "Dumped Gamer Boyfriend". Yes, that is an actual shirt you can buy.

Gamers, as boyfriends, get a bad rap.

No, seriously.  TheGloss insists that gamers are among the seven men you should avoid, and all gamers talk in “lolspeak” (ahem, it is leetspeak, ladies) and want to travel to other locations to meet people they’ve gamed with, which kind of leaves us wondering why, precisely, wanting to go to another country to actually meet the people who live there instead of going on a landmark tour is a bad thing.  WikiHow features an article on “How to Get Rid of Your Boyfriend’s Game Addiction”.  EvilWoobie complains that “hardcore gamers are the most high maintenance of the boyfriend breeds”…wait, breeds?  As in dogs?  And we’re the weirdoes?

Hell, Datingish actually goes all the way and offers the math that gamer=@$$hole.  This is so accepted that girls taking “revenge” destroying their boyfriends property is pretty common on YouTube.  Here’s one destroying her boyfriend’s Starcraft 2 beta.  Here’s another with a girl destroying her boyfriend’s XBox.  And in addition to that “Achievement” T-shirt, you’ve got items like the “Girlfriends Against World of Warcraft” button.  It seems that anything with two X chromosomes and a heterosexual disposition has a mortal enemy, and that enemy apparently isn’t patriarchy or the glass ceiling or societal demands of impossible-to-achieve perfection, but controllers.

Keep in mind all of this is from websites that, by and large, don’t see anything wrong with spending $400 on shoes, $400 that could have gone to something more useful, like a PS3 bundle.

Here are a few simple reasons that gamers make good boyfriends that these sites have missed.  Hopefully they’ll reconsider, as gamers have a lot to offer.

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